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ClimateWatch - Madison INNIS
ClimateWatch - ~10 open flowers ~1m high JOSH SAPRID
ClimateWatch - Niamh Ellen Delaney
ClimateWatch - It was inside a fenced off area of a construction sight, and when I got too close, it flew up to ...
ClimateWatch - Just chillin calling out to its mates in the trees RONAN JOSEPH PRIGG
ClimateWatch - Just watching, no noteworthy behaviour CAROLINA MORA
ClimateWatch - Seemingly used to human presence, let us get very close. Tash Voysey
ClimateWatch - Calm, responded well to human presence Patrick Sutton
ClimateWatch - Dibeh Cheikh-ali
ClimateWatch - Mitchell Mendonca
ClimateWatch - Preening, beak open Michelle Spadavecchia
ClimateWatch - Alison Mcgarry
ClimateWatch - Amanda Kalachoff
ClimateWatch - Salamah Alenazi
ClimateWatch - Tangila Amin
ClimateWatch - Magpie was following me around the yard. Sonya Ardron
ClimateWatch - Ahmed Alghamdi
ClimateWatch - Lisa Bloom
ClimateWatch - Francesca Foti
ClimateWatch - Michael La Roche
ClimateWatch - Royal Park
ClimateWatch - Tom Jones
ClimateWatch - William Johannes Cudahy
ClimateWatch - Giordan Alexander Prosper
ClimateWatch - Ahya-ud-din Arsalan
ClimateWatch - Courtney Grace Colquhoun
ClimateWatch - Lucy Patricia Davison
ClimateWatch - Bridget Tenielle Clarke
ClimateWatch - Giordan Alexander Prosper
ClimateWatch - Isabelle Lola Lewis
ClimateWatch - Laura Jamie Radford
ClimateWatch - Thomas William Riseborough
ClimateWatch - Hannah Louise Cheir
ClimateWatch - Nicholas Robert Gibb
ClimateWatch - Stuart John Vlahov
ClimateWatch - Blake Tonkin-Sloan
ClimateWatch - Chey Rhiannon Gibbs
ClimateWatch - Thomas William Riseborough
ClimateWatch - Two adults and a baby Kara Monique Pot
ClimateWatch - Tung Duong Le
ClimateWatch - Lauren Patane
ClimateWatch - Yulu Xiao
ClimateWatch - Anneliese Jewel Hopkins
ClimateWatch - Chey Rhiannon Gibbs
ClimateWatch - Beau Harrison McLean
ClimateWatch - Jenna Kippen
ClimateWatch - Gemma Saunders
ClimateWatch - Caitlin Burrows