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ClimateWatch - Anneliese Jewel Hopkins
ClimateWatch - Emma Francis Isbister
ClimateWatch - Cheuk Yan SHAM
ClimateWatch - Moonjung Kim
ClimateWatch - Genevieve Emily Jane Alderson
ClimateWatch - Digby Frank Patterson
ClimateWatch - Alexis Miranda Patterson
ClimateWatch - Rosemary Claire Sprenkels
ClimateWatch - 3 pairs feeding and swimming Liane Frances Seaman
ClimateWatch - Bird was sunning itself on a power line for approximately 5 minutes Zoe McPartland
ClimateWatch - Hannah Mary Doreen Golding
ClimateWatch - Two Parents with three cygnets. A man was feeding them bread. Pippa Thies
ClimateWatch - Parent and 5 cygnets Liane Frances Seaman
ClimateWatch - Parent and 5 cygnets Liane Frances Seaman
ClimateWatch - @Hyde park Minami Yoshimura
ClimateWatch - 4 adolescents Elodie Rebecca Tanner
ClimateWatch - Yee Tien Tan
ClimateWatch - Preening and calling to one another on the UWA boat ramp. Sitting with 2 shags (?) Liane Frances ...
ClimateWatch - Saul Joshua Revell
ClimateWatch - 2 sleeping Majority feeding and swimming Laura Jamie Radford
ClimateWatch - Mason George Formentin
ClimateWatch - Michael Charles Mckay
ClimateWatch - Observed nest building behaviour nearby Bailey Mckinlay-Graham
ClimateWatch - William Joseph Dumble
ClimateWatch - Beau Harrison McLean
ClimateWatch - Nina Gunawan
ClimateWatch - Swimming in the shallows of the river Jane Edgeloe
ClimateWatch - Alistair Wood
ClimateWatch - Resting/sleeping Alistair Wood
ClimateWatch - Ashleigh Jean Houghton
ClimateWatch - Two are making a nest and the other two are in the water grooming Jane Edgeloe
ClimateWatch - Zimei Yu
ClimateWatch - observation
ClimateWatch - 2 swans dipping there heads in foraging manner in swallow water, 30cm deep abouts Aidan Lee Williams
ClimateWatch - Swan river Heidi Burl
ClimateWatch - Andrew David Hutchison
ClimateWatch - 2 swans and 5 swanlings Alicja Malgorzata Szczepanska
ClimateWatch - Can not see a nest but it is likely one is near by. Daniel Paul Pekel
ClimateWatch - sorry for the shit camera Aidan Lee Williams
ClimateWatch - Daniel Paul Pekel
ClimateWatch - Mitchell Groves
ClimateWatch - shao hu
ClimateWatch - Adult with young bayswater wa observation
ClimateWatch - observation
ClimateWatch - 1/4 Raleigh rd bayswater calling from wire peter peter melling
ClimateWatch - Borouj AL ZABEN
ClimateWatch - Joshua James Brown
ClimateWatch - Michelle Anne Mcleod
ClimateWatch - Observed feeding on skinks in residential gardens observation
ClimateWatch - observation