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Title Monomorium sydneyense
Creator Jean and Fred
Description Large ant: Cerapachys greavesi (Clark) Small ant: a pale Monomorium sydneyense Forel Gaster: Camponotus There were 3 of these running around on the sand late in the afternoon. Not sure what this one is carrying but it wasn't stopping and was moving too fast to see. I like the tiny ant checking out its foot as it went past! Farhan photographed one in June this year in the Pilbara. Farhan mentions on his photo that these ants are ant predators and can form raiding parties to feed their colonies. See: Photo: Jean 25 February 2015 Thanks for the ID: Brian Heterick Research Associate | Environment and Agriculture, School of Science, Curtin University and David Knowles for referring the photo to Brian.
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