Data resource MELU AVH data
Image Identifier 45f0679c-4126-42d5-af78-0493d4fe4c73
Occurrence ID a20673ee-50aa-4aa9-b70c-a96bbc92cdaa
Title MELUD109617a:Boronia parviflora
Creator The University of Melbourne Herbarium
Description MELUD109617a. Boronia parviflora. Groves, R.H. 77 (Collected on: 1962-11-23)
Linear scale <not calibrated>
Date uploaded 27 Aug, 2020 04:18:43
Uploaded by <Unknown>
Date taken/created 27 Aug, 2020 04:18:43
Rights holder The University of Melbourne
Data resource UID dr13282
Dimensions (w x h) 5258 x 7644
File size 4.8 MB
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MD5 Hash 0f674ed46200a3ac25751cd6b01d7e95
SHA1 Hash 6572b28be502dca4b62cf31ce49eebe3e184afa9
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