Data resource National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) AVH data
Image Identifier 85a2080f-29a5-4318-8e99-5a6c4c6dbd6d
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Title Toxicodendron radicans subsp. verrucosum
Creator Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
Created 2016-11-03T21:07:12
Description Lindheimer, F.J. s.n. (MEL 252363), Type of Rhus verrucosa Scheele
Publisher Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
Linear scale <not calibrated>
Date uploaded 06 Jun, 2020 12:47:12
Uploaded by <Unknown>
Date taken/created 06 Jun, 2020 12:47:12
Rights holder Royal Botanic Gardens Board
Data resource UID dr376
Dimensions (w x h) 6130 x 9478
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Type StillImage
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