Data resource MELU AVH data
Image Identifier b986d28d-702e-42c0-b82e-378175939378
Occurrence ID f55fe3bd-f823-41ca-91f2-c0819c5b16c5
Title MELUD100439a:Acacia mollifolia
Creator The University of Melbourne Herbarium
Description MELUD100439a. Acacia mollifolia. Croll, R.D. C224 (Collected on: 1962-09-10)
Linear scale <not calibrated>
Date uploaded 27 Aug, 2020 04:55:51
Uploaded by <Unknown>
Date taken/created 27 Aug, 2020 04:55:51
Rights holder The University of Melbourne
Data resource UID dr13282
Dimensions (w x h) 5078 x 7660
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MD5 Hash e4e7555edfcb1cfa761bd501ee6f893f
SHA1 Hash fd840d931e72400a06d8c35ad9f75a8ff498b5dd
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